Chief Managing Instructor:
Patsy C. Rybka
Shown in the bottom middle: 

Has been a Phlebotomist for over 30 years,  And has been an instructor for over 15 years.  She has taught numerous students.  Patsy is the heart and soul of Stars Academy.  She is a wonderful teacher and mentor.  All the students absolutely love her!  I know you will too!
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Phlebotomy/ CPR Instructor Days and Nights:
Marychris Rybka

Mary has been a Phlebotomist since 2001 and has been teaching here at Stars Academy since 2011.  She also teaches CPR Classes.  Mary is Patsy's youngest daughter. 


 She does all the office work so any questions, shes the one to go to!  


                  Teaching is a work of Heart!
Stars Academy, LLC