Chief Managing Instructor:
Patsy C. Rybka
Shown in the bottom middle: 

Has been a Phlebotomist for over 30 years,  And has been an instructor for over 15 years.  She has taught numerous students.  Patsy is the heart and soul of Stars Academy.  She is a wonderful teacher and mentor.  All the students absolutely love her!  I know you will too!
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Phlebotomy/ CPR Instructor Days and Nights:
Marychris Rybka

Mary has been a Phlebotomist since 2001 and has been teaching here at Stars Academy since 2011.  She also teaches CPR Classes.  Mary is Patsy's youngest daughter. 

​Michelle Nancy Punjak

 She does all the office work so any questions, shes the one to go to!  


                  Teaching is a work of Heart!
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