Education is the only reliable way to improve your life:
How do you want your life to be?  You can become almost anything you want to be!  There are many ways to improve your life, but the most reliable way is through education.

At Stars Academy: 
We know that education can be a challenge. You may encounter a few obstacles and distractions.  Everyone does. You may have to work while you are in school, you may have family obligations and other commitments, and you may not have excelled in previous educational experiences. You are not alone!  We understand the challenges.  And we know you can do it!

The things education can provide you:
  Employment in a new career
*   Freedom
*   Respect
*   Flexibility
*   Better life opprotunities
*   Possibilities

Stars Academy,LLC
is located in Hill Creek Plaza
8077 W. 95th St.
Hickory Hills, IL 60457

Stars Academy,LLC is approved by the
Illinois Board of Higher Education
and the American Heart Association!
                           CLASS SPACE IS LIMITED 1-708-233-0590
IBHE (Illinois Board of Higher Education)

Stars Academy has gained approval for the course of Phlebotomy by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. The Board sets educational policies and guidelines for all Schools in Illinois both public and private. The Board is responsible for making sure all schools are meeting the educational demands of students.  The Illinois Board of Higher Education is responsible for the coordination of school certification and recognition.  In addition the Board makes sure that the school has an up-to -date license to operate. IBHE also makes sure that all the faculty has valid certifications and degrees to teach and that they do not need any renewal on these certifications or degrees, making sure that the courses being offered are of the highest quality.

Authorized NHA Testing Center-(National Healthcareer Association) 

Stars Academy is an authorized Testing Center for NHA.  Students, who successfully complete our course, qualify to take their Certification Exam as a Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT).  Cost of exam is not included in tuition. As a student the cost of the test is $117.00 credit card only.  We are only doing on-line testing at the moment. Cost of Exam in not included in tuition.
NHA is accredited with NCCA-The National Commission for Certifying Agencies.  

American Heart Association-(AHA)

Stars Academy works with AHA to identify and address the educational needs of the healthcare
 and scientific community to provide the latest continuing education and development opportunities. BLS for Healthcare Providers  is offered once a month. Students who enroll in Phlebotomy receive BLS for Healthcare Providers Class included for Free.

Fiscal Year - July 1 2018- June 30 2019 
1.Number of students enrolled in the program 119
2. Number of students not completing course of instruction 10
3. re-enrollments 0
4. Number of graduated requesting placement assistance by the school: 0
5. Number of graduates obtaining employment as a result of placement:0
  Assistance by the school: no assistance 0
6. Number of graduates obtaining employment in the field who did  
Not use the school’s placement assistance:62 Students are responsible for job 
7. withdrew from school 11
8. Withdrew with a refund 5
9. Average starting salary for all graduates employed: $12.00-$22.00Hour  
10. Number of students re-enrolling in other programs: 0
11. Number of students who took a National Exam with NHA that 
passed 116 Failed                           8

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